Summer 2021

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by Sima Belmar

Casting Call for a New “African” Dance Reality Show
by Nkeiruka Oruche

Cyphers in Cyberspace: Reimagining Cultural Arts and Dance Education in a Post-COVID World
by Ezra Myles

Black Ballerinas in Picture Books: Rupturing the Color Line in American Children’s Literature
by Lashon Daley, PhD

An Old Friend in a New Light: Reflections on Collaboration in Bharatanatyam
by Preethi Ramaprasad

Transcending Racism in the Dance World
by Joslynn Mathis Reed

The Reclaiming
by ArVejon Jones

In Conversation
with Erik Lee
with Vanessa Sanchez

The Manifesto of the Collective
by John Paul “JP” Alejandro

stylish muscling Flexed bicep emoji and smiling face with halo emoji
by benedict nguyen

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