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by Rowena Richie

From One to Many: Dance is the Bridge
by Christopher “Mad Dog” Thomas and Brenda Butler

Moving Across Cultures: Transmitting cultural knowledge through movement language
by Shahrzad Khorsandi

Inside Out
by Jason Bowman

Stories in the Moment: Creating shared spaces of belonging for and with people living with dementia
by Magda Kaczmarska

It’s–Still–Hard to Say
Unwritten by Joyce Calvert

Weaving Wisdom in the Andes: Documentary explores the relationship between an ancient craft and brain health
by Rowena Richie

Gravitating Towards Elders Through Somatic Education
by Diana Lara

Reconnecting With Your Body: ‘Statue of Strength’ and other trauma-informed tools empower refugees
by Marianna Fiotaki and Gabriella Brent

Cracked Open: Reflection on Moving the Body-Brain, Moving the Brain-Body – a danced lecture
by Fearghus Ó Conchúir and Paul Modjadji

Access to the Full Range of Reproductive Choices Is…
by Dana Walrath

A Letter to Our Multi- Marginalized Disabled Dancers
by Vanessa Hernández Cruz

Walking Backwards
by Chris Black

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