Winter 2021

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Winter 2021 In Dance

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by Wayne Hazzard

In Practice: Out of Practice
by Sima Belmar

I Wonder if My Neighbors Can Hear Me Singing
by Bhumi Patel

What’s in a Conversation?
by Jochelle Pereña

Catching Up with Dana Lawton Dances and The Farallonites
by Heather Desaulniers

Preserving, Building, and Connecting: Addressing Social Justice Issues through Culturally Specific Dance
by Anne Huang and Kerry Lee

In Conversation
with David Herrera and Jocelyn Reyes
with Claudine Naganuma and Selma Apara
with Maurya Kerr and Alaja Badalich

Grassroots to Cyberspace: The Evolution of Dancing Earth
by Jade Whaanga

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