Submit an ad for In Dance

Dancers’ Group is now inviting advertising for In Dance so there’s a range of representation in the publication.

In the form below, please provide your full-page advertisement and alternative text, which supports the inclusion of the blind and low-vision community.

Dimensions: 9.75″ wide and 13.25” high

  • Along with the ad, you will provide Alternative text

    Dancers' Group is working to improve accessibility by including alternative text to support the inclusion of the blind and low-vision community.

    Here are resources we have found helpful in thinking about alt text:
    - Veronica With Four Eyes
    - Perkins School for the Blind
    - American Anthropological Association

    If you are unsure of how to write alt text, staff can assist you with writing these; however, we ask that you provide us with information about how any featured person(s) in the ad identifies (name, gender, pronouns, race/ethnicity), if known. We've found that this information is particularly helpful to ensure that this text aligns with how folks would describe themselves.

    Alt text may be revised for length and/or clarity.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • Alt text is brief. Focus on the most important keywords that answer the question "What's in this image?" Consider: People and objects; Image type (painting, graph, headshot); Names; Emotions or facial expressions; Location/Surroundings; Text.