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The Big Reveal – 2019 – Fog Beast

Dancers’ Group and the Asian Art Museum presented Fog Beast’s The Big Reveal 

Expanding our notions of what a dance performance can be: The Big Reveal brought into focus human migration, ecology, living history and belonging.

Thu, Jul 18; Sat & Sun, July 20-21, 2019 at the Asian Art Museum, SF

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Photos by Robbie Sweeny

Conceived and Choreographed by Melecio Estrella and Andrew Ward
Musical Direction and Performance: Ben Juodvalkis
Creation and Performance: Katie Faulkner, Danny Nguyen, Melissa Lewis, Wailana Simcock, Janine Trinidad and Patricia West
Dramaturgy and Choreographic Counsel: Damara Ganley

All performances were FREE

Special Guest Artist: Dr. Andrew Jones was a guest performer in the July 20 and 21  performances of “The Big Reveal”.
Dr. Andrew Jones is deputy director of the Climate Readiness Institute and a research scientist in the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he leads the Earth Systems and Society Program Domain.

Special Guest Artist: Antwan Davis was a guest performer in the July 20 and 21  performances of “The Big Reveal.
Antwan Davis is a stepper and body percussionist for the last 15 years. He has worked internationally and nationally with Stomp, Step Africa, and co-founded Molodi, a Las Vegas based dance company. He is currently working with Destiny Arts as a teacher and choreographer.

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A man standing in the desert as the sun sets raising both hands with palms up and arms straight. He is standing before a structure of sticks.
Photo by Jessica Swanson