Journey to Surrender

Journey to Surrender is Erik K. Raymond Lee’s first dance short film project featuring dancer Jeremy Brooks, and presented by Lee’s newly formed dance company, His Legacy Dance Collective. Journey to Surrender is an invitation and encouragement to relinquish control of circumstances beyond our capacity and accessing the immeasurably great benefits God has for us when […]

CounterPulse at SkyBridge on Stevenson

Join “SkyBridge on Stevenson” and CounterPulse for its opening Thursday night weekly series at the Skybridge on Stevenson brought to you by Zendesk, Creative Grounds Production Group, MMCBD, SFMTA, OEWD, and the San Francisco Parks Alliance. Come early and enjoy an array of local dance performances by Andreina Maldonado, Rick Darnell, and Kiandanda Dance Theater, all […]

Jazz: Digging Deeper

If I want to educate dancers about Jazz, I need to create the space for the Early Jazz experience to transpire within my classes.

BANDALOOP: Open Level Series

Ages 15+ An 8-week open level series on BANDALOOP’s signature on-and-off the ground technique, creative process, safety, and performance. This series provides the dedicated dancer or new mover a chance to regularly ascend into BANDALOOP’s signature style of harness assisted dance. From a foundation of safety, care, and equipment training, students will activate BANDALOOP’s dance […]

Emerging Choreographers Forum SF

Emerging Choreographers Forum SF is for dance makers ages 16-26. The forum consists of two sessions in which a panel of professionals in the field of choreography provide feedback on the work each participant is creating, and culminates into a final showing in April 2022. Over the last 14 years, ECF has mentored over 100 […]

God Knows Where

Live shows have returned to the SAFEhouse Arts venue. SAFEhouse will host touring artists Biba Bell, Jmy James Kidd and Paige Martin, for one night only. The evening’s opening performer, Raven Malouf-Renning, is a SAFEhouse lead artist and is co-producing the event. There is limited general seating so advance ticket purchase highly encouraged. Ticketholders should […]

My Roots of Movement

Navigating a career in a Eurocentric, White-centralizing, contemporary dance world as a lesbian Latinx woman of mixed Indigenous blood never felt complicated until it started to.

Tracing Roots: A Perspective on Indian Contemporary Dance

I came to the US from India in 2003 to attain my BA in Dance from San Jose State University.

Dancing Happens in Strip Malls Too

My first memories of learning dance were at the Strip Mall Dance Studio near my house in Lawrence, Kansas. The strip mall was creatively named “The Malls Shopping Center.” I don’t remember what the studio itself was called but I know exactly where it was—tucked in the corner of a row of single-story beige buildings that also housed Pet World (my favorite place on earth as a 4-year-old), an Ace Hardware (my second favorite place), and a Godfather’s Pizza.

The Women in White

It was not until my first year of college that I asked myself why women were always dying in classical ballets. Now entering my senior year, this question still haunts me.