SFPALM: New Name, Big Plans

Whether it’s the Opera, the incomparable San Francisco Ballet, ODC Dance, or Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet, performances are fleeting and committed to the memories of those who witnessed them. This is both the beauty and burden of the performing arts—how to stay relevant in the minds of audiences, funders and future generations, when the powerful […]

Somatic Costumes: from Choreography to Socio-political Acts

“Dance is political not because of its subject matter but because of the way dances are made, how they are structured, and what they show about people relating to each other.” —Stephanie Skura (Politics of Method, Reimagining America) Costume is a powerful agent for personal and socio-political action and transformation.  How costumes are structured and […]

Dance Discourse Project #22

Dance Discourse Project 22:  animal, human, posthuman Mon, Mar 28, 2o16 7:30pm CounterPulse, 80 Turk St, SF FREE Taxonomies have boxed in humans (and in particular certain humans) as separate and above other lives. Posthumanism & decolonization are knocking “human” off the pedestal of privilege relative to all other life forms. How do we as […]

WE DANCE TOGETHER, WE STAND TOGETHER: Batsheva’s 50th Anniversary Tour to San Francisco

WHEN I EMBARKED on writing an article about Batsheva Dance Company, Ohad Naharin (company artistic director), the company’s 50th anniversary, Gaga, and their upcoming tour of Sadeh21 (2011) to San Francisco in November at YBCA, my mind continually circled back to the situation in Israel. What I assume comes up for many people with the mention of Israel is the ongoing conflict, […]

Universal Design for Learning: Why Does it Matter to Dance Teaching?

SINCE INCEPTION, Luna Dance Institute has investigated strategies for bringing all children to dance, including providing access to children who learn in various ways. We’ve worked with the physically-integrated dance company, AXIS Dance Company, to better understand the creative potential of dancers with a wide range of physical ability, as well as to provide expertise […]

Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee Announces Nominees and Honorees for 2018-19 Performance Season

The Isadora Duncan Dance Awards, known locally as the Izzies, are awarded annually to acknowledge creative achievements in the performance and presentation of dance. This year the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee will celebrate 34 years of honoring local dance artists. Awards are given in nine categories to honor the dancers, choreographers, designers, composers, dance […]

What do you think is the: Value of Dance?

In Dance gathered responses from various members of our Bay Area community. Our question polled the opinion of dancers, choreographers, administrators, enthusiasts, and teachers. Whether it’s a personal connection to movement, an appreciation about a specific form, or global thoughts on the field–what follows are candid, honest, and spunky voices, sharing thoughtful answers to our […]

Please Respond: RSVP Cycles in the Work of Anna and Lawrence Halprin

Ann and Lawrence Halprin have been married for over 68 years, and this pair of artists have spent just as long working together. An event this month at the Stern Grove Rhoda Goldman Concert Meadow marks their deepest collaboration yet, informed by decades of experience and experimentation. Ann, who changed her name to Anna in […]

Tim Rubel Human Shakes: Call for new Board Members

Tim Rubel Human Shakes (TRHS) is seeking creative individuals to join their board of directors. TRHS is a professional contemporary dance-theatre company and 501(c)3 non-profit organization, based in San Francisco, CA. The board of directors is responsible for the fiscal and legal governance of the organization. This is a small commitment that can make a […]

Tim Rubel Human Shakes: The Culture of Love

Tim Rubel Human Shakes celebrates their 10 year anniversary with the second iteration of The Culture of Love. An evening of embodied queer love stories that explore marginalization, friendship, experimentation, and discovery. PLUS, an excerpt from TRHS’s inaugural 2011 piece Eroticize This!  Choreography and direction by Tim Rubel. In collaboration with dancers KJ Dahlaw, Jess DeFranco, Colin Epstein, and Hannah Westbrook. […]