From the Inside: An Interview with Keith Hennessy on “Delinquent”

At the time this interview was written, Keith Hennessy and a cast of young performers aged 16-24, myself included, had begun work on a new project called Delinquent based loosely around the juvenile justice system. We had been working for more than four weeks and were in the process of creating sketches during rehearsals. At […]

Departing from Tradition: Insights from Java

I came to Central Java—to the town of Solo—18 months ago, with the intention of creating artistic collaborations with Indonesian artists, to study with Suprapto Suryodarmo (Javanese improvisation performer and teacher) and to learn as much as I could from living in another culture and entering its traditional and contemporary art world. I not only […]

Leave a Message, I’m on Vacation

To describe my relationship with dance as “love-hate” would be a gross understatement. In the years since I first spun barefoot across the rec-center multi-purpose room at Olinder Elementary, I’ve fallen into and out of love with dance a number of times. The first falling out was over gender identity. I was a teenage ballet […]

Reflection on Dancer, Storyteller, and Cultural Interpreter, Lanny Pinola

Editor’s Note: Dancers’ Group strives to honor the diverse and rich legacy of all forms of dance. To continue this mission we are working with Berkeley-based dancer and dance ethnologist, Patricia Bulitt. Patricia has helped to bring unheard and unknown voices to the greater dance community through the Legacy Oral History Program as well as […]

New Direction, New Perspectives: LEAP continues its mission

Megan Low performed her last plié for the San Francisco Ballet in 2006 when she was a “middle-aged” dancer of 27, leaving behind a fulfilling career as a member of the corps that included dancing the title role in Mark Morris’ Sylvia. Smitten by dance since she first walked into a ballet studio at age […]

My Hot Lobotomy; Review: October 23, 2008

In My Hot Lobotomy by David Szlasa and Sara Shelton Mann the audience knows within moments that dancer/choreographer Erin Mei-Ling Stuart is one adroit actress. She sits alone for long minutes in the small black box theater wearing a quizzical, nearly blank face, playing a lobotomized guy named Joey, her eyes the single alert organ […]

Dancing in the Land of Edelweiss: My Adventures in Salzburg

Three months ago I was living the good life. I resided in an apartment in beautiful Oakland, California seven blocks from Lake Merritt with two cats, a boyfriend and another roommate. I commuted daily to San Francisco to take class at ODC Commons with Kathleen Hermesdorf or Janice Garrett and to work in a variety […]

Major celebrations and successes meet the usual challenges of presenting new work

This past year was a time of big birthdays, initiatives, celebrations, and rebuilding in Bay Area dance. Outshining all in historical import, ambition, publicity, and yes, hype—some perpetuated by this critic—was the San Francisco Ballet’s 75th anniversary. Artistic director Helgi Tomasson’s season-crowning New Works Festival in May—10 world premieres by 10 choreographers unveiled over three […]

Winter-Spring Preview: Experience Something New, Jan 2009

Watching Bay Area dance is rewarding because the offerings are so varied and rich. Watching Bay Area dance is frustrating because the offerings are so varied and rich. Both statements are true. In Dance readers, in all probability, are primarily dance professionals, varied and rich in experience and interest. In all likelihood they also are […]

An American in Düsseldorf: Shifts in Perspective: Experience at a European Dance Festival

This summer I was invited to join Dance/USA as part of the American delegation at the Internationale Tanzmesse NRW, a biennial international dance festival and conference in Düsseldorf, Germany. I was honored by the invitation, but quickly found myself apprehensive about going. I was full of concerns: leaving my company a few months before our […]