SPEAK: To Witness and Re-member: Movement Practices with Elders

As dancers over 65, we have been leading free movement and dance explorations in Oakland’s Mountain View Cemetery for the past four years as part of our project Walking in Witness to Life and Loss. Our collaboration continues to evolve as we mine the complex intersections of life, death and dance within the vibrant natural life […]

FALLING FORWARD INTO NEW SPACES: In Conversation with Mary Armentrout

Why, What, When, Who and Where – life is full of these five ‘w’ questions. And that last ‘w’ (the where), seems of particular concern these days. From the prosaic to the logistic to the life altering, the question of where is constant: where will you eat, where will you park, where will you shop, where will you work, where will you […]

The Abundant Season: Fall Performance Preview

The Bay Area welcomes a bounty of shows this fall, from outdoor aerials to free festivals and avant-garde dance-theater – this preview offers just a taste of what’s to come. If your favorites don’t appear here, it was not a deliberate exclusion; please look them up online. Shows are in San Francisco unless otherwise noted. […]

Collaborative Optimism: a score for a -ship

  I found love in the palm of my hand. My fingers reach into a primordial, interconnected web of memory that manifests tangibly in the landscapes I have traversed. When I interact with the natural world, I notice the myriad of transformative relations that have consistently depended on one another season after season: the scrub […]

The Call: San Francisco Native Margaret Jenkins Always Moves Forward

Margaret Jenkins, known to the dance world as Margy, has been making dances for most of her 75-years. She trained at the leading edge of performance with Judy Job, Welland Lathrop and Gloria Unti in the Bay Area and with Twyla Tharp, James Dunn, Gus Solomons, Merce Cunningham, Viola Farber and others in New York. […]

Dancers’ Group History: Celebrating 30 Years

To help celebrate Dancers’ Group’s 30th anniversary this year, we have reached out to people to share a special remembrance. Throughout 2012 this publication has been carrying three pieces per month, each telling a unique story of the impact our work has had on a variety of artists, educators, writers, and funders. These remembrances paint […]

Crossroads: Part I: dancers

This article is the first in a three-part series on the transformative experiences of Bay Area dancers, choreographers and dance teachers. WHILE A FRESHMAN IN COLLEGE, I found myself at a crossroads, trying to decide whether to stay in school or drop out to dance. I sought advice from one of my beloved teachers, asking […]

Kathy Mata Ballet to Perform at the SF Conservatory of Music

By David B. Feldman What does Kathy Mata Ballet, a small San-Francisco-based community dance company, have in common with the great cellist Yo-Yo Ma and world-renown operatic tenor Placido Domingo? Soon, all three will be able to boast appearances at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. That’s because, in late September, the dancers of Kathy […]

Curating a Collision

“It is a delimitation of spaces and times, of the visible and the invisible, of speech and noise, that simultaneously determine the place and the stakes of politics as a form of experience.” —Jacques Rancière What are the terms of art making? What are the terms of its presentation, performance and reception? What are the […]

Dancing in the Museum

When you look at a white-walled cube or empty courtyard, do you see a performance space? If you knew the history of every hundred- or thousand-year-old painting, sculpture, and anthropological record in a museum, would you envision bodies in motion, following their own energetic impulses and trajectories, among them? This September, Dance Discourse Project #13, […]