Curtain Up on ODC

After 27 straight years housing some of San Francisco’s most memorable dance performances, ODC Theater will be going black at the end of this year. The theater, whose programming needs long ago outgrew its capacity, will then undergo a 13-month renovation project to be finished before a grand reopening event in May 2009. “We want […]

The Symmetry Project: A non-linear, graphic embodiment of our performance process

LINEAR NARRATIVE INTRODUCTION JESS: Over the last three years Maria and I have created a series of studies we collectively named The Symmetry Project. They have been developed and performed in the (mostly unfunded) nooks and crannies of our dancing lives: studios, residencies and other altogether unimportant-sounding situations in San Francisco, Copenhagen, Budapest, Dublin and […]

Being Blurred: Ralph Lemon Interviewed

Ariel Osterweis Scott (AS): The last time I saw you was at a Miguel Gutierrez performance. I remember you said something provocative regarding an explicit performance art piece I hadn’t seen: Isn’t anything sacred anymore? Ralph Lemon (RL): It’s an old school point of view, right? AS: Not necessarily. It could be very new school, […]

Bay Area Dance Week  Updated May 5, 2021 The Bay Area Dance Week festival as previously hosted by Dancers’ Group did not take place in 2021. Over the last year, we’ve witnessed the strength and resilience of the dance community. Dancers’ Group continues to promote online and in-person dance activities from Bay Area artists and organizations […]

Seeing Dance, Talking Dance in Washington, DC

With its flag-bedecked entrances, huge lobbies and wings that you get lost in, the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC speaks of an era now gone, an America self-confident and imperialistic. It’s not a welcoming place but Edward Durrell Stone’s late modernist architecture does impress with its grandeur of vision and, one has to admit, a […]

Did You Know? Highlighting the Activity of Artists/Organizations in Our Region: Little Boxes Theater

Who created Little Boxes Theater? A-K Arts Collective. Also known as Aaron & Kitty. The first dance performance Aaron Simunovich ever saw was the Margaret Wingrove Dance Company at a very small black box theater in San Jose (CA) when he was eight years old. It was beautiful, simple and the live cello remained in his head for […]

SPEAK: SUNSET DANCES and Being Grateful

Photo by Daniller Photography Making dance has always been a mixture of disciplined artistry and gratefulness. As in any practice or skill, there are levels or stages we move through; student, performer, teacher, choreographer, mentor, producer, administrator, but no two of us have the same career. Dance as a career is a big commitment. It […]

SPEAK By Sri Susilowati

When first I moved to The States years ago, my artistic mission/intention was to introduce Indonesian dance to Americans and to preserve the Indonesian arts. However, over this time, I changed my perspective on the action of preserving. I found that Americans who have studied Indonesian dance tend to be even more conservative than Indonesians. […]

Did You Know?: Dasha Chernova

In 2017 Bay Area-based and Russian-born Dasha Chernova began Telaboratoria (in Russian, “telo” means body and “laboratoria” means laboratory), a program offering dance and theater improvisation classes and workshops designed to heal and empower LGBTQ+ communities in Russia. In November, Dasha heads back to continue the program, and before leaving they shared more about this […]

Exploring the Horizon: The Red Wind Within Us

In trying times of transition, a resurgence of art and activism allows room for renewed questioning of assumed certainties. The current political climate has created a pressurized environment where artists have used their platforms to contest and reimagine the structures we are operating within, and many have been looking into the past to further inspire […]