In Conversation with Latanya Tigner and Colette Eloi

By Andréa Spearman

September 24, 2021, PUBLISHED BY IN DANCE

You are listening to Part 1 & 2 from Andréa Spearman’s recorded conversation with Latanya Tigner and Colette Eloi. To read the transcript of Part 1 of the conversation, click here.

Mentioned in Part 1 recording: 

Artists and Organizations


  • Wolosodon
  • Yanvalou
  • Mayi
  • New Orleans second line
  • Manjani
  • Roger Rabbit
  • New Orleans bounce
  • Hyphy

Books and TV

Mentioned in Part 2 recording: 

Artists and Organizations


  • Orisha dance
  • Zinli
  • Mutwashi


  • The Black Dancing Body by Brenda Dixon Gottschild

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This conversation appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of In Dance.

Bay Area native, Andréa Spearman is an administrator, choreographer, performer, teacher, and student of a variety of modern-based movement with over 20 years of experience. Director of her own dance company, A. Spearman & Co. and also currently produces and hosts, The Black Landscape podcast, a series of conversations that spotlight Black leaders in the SF Bay Area communities in various industries. Listen on Apple Music, BuzzSprout, Google Podcasts, and more.