In Conversation Archive

In Conversation is a series of interviews exploring discourse about dance and different folks’ relationship to dance.
All Audio Recorded and Edited by Andréa Spearman



Fall 2021 Conversation

Latanya D. Tigner & Colette Eloi, Part 1

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Photo courtesy of Artist. [ID: Adult Black woman smiling with her head tilted back and her arms pushing away from her body. She wears a kente-patterned dress that is blue, yellow, gold, and black. Her hair is in a braided crown.]
Photo by RJ Muna [ID: Adult, brown-skinned Black woman with large gold beaded hoop earrings and a red sequined head wrap stares off into the distance with a smile on her face. She is also wearing a red halter and a poncho that is decked out in gray, blue, and gold sequins.]

Summer 2021 Conversations

Erik Lee

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Headshot of Erik Lee
Photo courtesy of artist
[ID: Medium brown skinned Black male with shortly faded dark brown hair. He is wearing a gray and white striped sweater with a unbuttoned dark blue long sleeve dress shirt. He looks directly into the camera with the beginnings of a smile.]

Vanessa Sanchez

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Headshot of Vanessa Sanchez
Photo by Alexa Treviño
[ID: Light brown skinned Latina woman with brown hair with pink highlights and a bold red lip. She is wearing large hoop earring and a purple top embroidered with pink flowers. She’s looking directly into the camera.]

Winter 2021 Conversations

David Herrera and Jocelyn Reyes

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A headshot of David Herrera next to a headshot of Jocelyn Reyes
[Image Description: Latino man with dark brown hair and prominent nose wearing a light blue button up shirt against a white background. Latina woman with dark brown hair pulled away from the face, wearing a sun-kissed yellow halter top, smiling against a cobalt blue background.]

Claudine Naganuma and Selma Apara

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A headshot of Claudine Naganuma next to a headshot of Selma Apara
[Image Description: Asian woman with dark hair in a half up, half down style, wearing layered turquoise necklaces and a black top with a cowl neck. African-American teenager with dark hair in braids, wearing an olive green tank top and a filter effect of sparkles around her face.]

Maurya Kerr and Alaja Badalich

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A headshot of Maurya Kerr next to an image of Alaja Badalich in a leaning pose
[Image Description: A light-skinned Black woman wearing bright red lipstick looks directly at the camera. She is seen from the waist up, wearing a subtly golden sleeveless blouse and using both her hands to twist her curly brown hair into a single tendril on her left. A sepia-toned image of a medium brown-skinned woman with short almost to the scalp brown hair wearing a metallic colored leotard, leaning with both arms crossed over her chest, one hand partially covering the lower half of her face with the other cradling the back of her head.]