By Rowena Richie

September 27, 2022, PUBLISHED BY IN DANCE
Rowena Richie, a smiling white woman with salt and pepper wavy hair, is sitting on a grassy lawn in front of a burlap welcome mat.
Photo by Erika Chong Shuch
[ID: Rowena Richie, a smiling white woman with salt and pepper wavy hair, is sitting on a grassy lawn on a sunny day. She wears a long sleeve shirt, black vest, pants, and sneakers. In front of her, there is a burlap doormat that says “Welcome” in block letters.]

A big rig overturned recently, spilling an estimated 300,000 tomatoes, massively jamming the freeway. “I heard it happened near Sauce-a-lito,” the traffic reporter quipped, “That driver should be canned.” (Thankfully no one was crushed). My first thought was, how can I incorporate this arresting imagery into my welcome note? I love a mash-up.

Roll out the red carpet for a Fall crop of articles that dance–in the juiciest, largest sense–between superstar celebrities and legends unknown. As guest editor, I invited an array of folks from the community to contribute essays about what is moving them in this moment. The result is a smorgasbord of pieces that provide food for thought and sustenance for the soul.

As the writers sent me their drafts, I’m struck by possible “essay pairings.” Like with wine or food; complementary and contrasting combinations and flavors to heighten the enjoyment each component brings to the whole experience.

In this issue you’ll find notes of released shame and embodied pride, mind altering in-between spaces, bridges to belonging, revered ancestry, entwined traditional and contemporary practices, healing nurses, gambling muses and parallel universes.

You might consider pairing Dasha Yurkevich’s essay about discovering choreography with Brian Thorstenson’s essay about exploring new ways of writing. Then again –  Dasha’s experience with ballet’s body-type rigidity may also pair well with Melissa Hudson Bell’s article celebrating Lizzo; Brian’s investigation of the space between dance and theater may complement Constance Hale’s article about gender fluid mahu people, or Antwan Williams’ reflections on feeling free/not free all at once. And there’s so much more on the menu – nourishing, refreshing, complex. Try them all!

After you’ve had time to digest, drop me a line and tell me what moved you: richierowena@gmail.com. I’d love to catsup.

Rowena Richie's signature with a tomato replacing the "A" in "Rowena"

Rowena Richie, Guest Editor

This article appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of In Dance.

Rowena Richie is a San Francisco-based dancer, writer, movement facilitator, Senior Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health and member of the For You performance group. Wisdom Weavers is her second video collaboration with Alex Kornhuber. Their first video, Gertrude and Virginia in San Francisco, features longtime Bay Area dancer Virginia Matthews.