Fall 2022

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by Rowena Richie

A Movement of the Spirit
by Brian Thorstenson

Legends Walk Among Us: A reflection on the cycles we dance, generation after generation
by Liv Schaffer

Stepping into the In-between
by Constance Hale

Every Second
by Antwan “Banks” Williams

by Dasha Yurkevich

Watch Out for the Big Grrrls
by Melissa Bell

Afro-Peruvian Resilience and Empowerment Through the Dance Son de los Diablos
by Carmen Román

Leaning Into the Unexpected: The vulnerability and willingness of anthropology and performance
by Haley Baek

A Sense of Belonging Among Ever-Changing Circumstances
by Claudine Naganuma

What is “Post-artum” Depression?
by Parya Saberi

Decolonizing Industries of Care: Nursing These Wounds
by Joyce Lu

Dance is in the DNA of the Universe
by Oscar Peñaranda

In Conversation:
with Tonya Amos
with Sarah Bush

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