How We Danced at Home

By ZioraMmachi Bender-deMoll


Video Description & Transcript


When I got asked to create something for this issue, I had a lot of different ideas. I finally decided that I wanted to interview people to ask them about what kinds of dances they grew up doing at home, with their families and friends. After I talked about it a few times with my mom, I used my mom’s phone, and sent texts, voice notes, and made calls messages to adults in my community. I asked them to share what dances they did at home, and record themselves doing it. Here are a few of them featured in this video.

Thomas, San Jose/Bay Area, CA: He shared what dances he did in San Jose/Bay Area, but he ‘cheated’ by recruiting a friend to do it for him. Lol

Chidinma, Imo State, Nigeria: Shared dance moves she used to do in her hometown in Imo State in Nigeria. She didn’t really have specific names for the dances but she was very happy doing the dance.

Lindiwe, Johannesburg, South Africa: Lindiwe swears she’s not a dancer but she was getting it with those dance moves.

Moses,  Brooklyn, NY: He said his knees were not giving him what he needed. It was 7am!

Natacha, Haiti: Aunty Natacha shared the konpa from Haiti, and she gets extra credit for doing a partner dance with her kid.

What are the dances you did at home?

This article appeared in the Spring 2023 issue of In Dance.

ZioraMmachi is a 10-year old who is curious about the world around her. She loves to write, play, climb, read (taking away books is a dreaded consequence), draw, take photos, listen to music and a lot of other things. She is grateful for being invited (thanks mom!) for this issue. She is a co-author of the Notable & Notorious Nigerian Women Coloring book