Spring 2023

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Spring 2023 In Dance

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by Nkeiruka Oruche

How home remembers me
by Kanukai Chigamba

Ancestral Re-memberance (Egypt) + Playlist
by Eman Desouky

They will always hate the Conga
by Marley Pulido

Keepers of Home: Muisi-kongo & Kiazi Malonga
by Nkeiruka Oruche

Uninterrupted Refuge
by Kemi Role

First House Party
by Robert Liu-Trujillo

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Soul Train Line
by Aries Jordan

Discarding our Dance means Defacing Ourselves
by Ifeanyi Akabueze

Lovers of Home: The Diouf Family
by Nkeiruka Oruche

Wash Spin Repeat – The eMotion Machine
by Lamisha Duree

How We Danced at Home
by ZioraMmachi

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