In Practice: Stephan Koplowitz on Making Site Work

When I was living in Naples, Italy, I produced a dance series called Site-Specific at Rising South, a cavernous bar in the city’s historic center. I was able to call the series Site-Specific without having to parse the concept of site-specificity in part because nobody cared: English words arranged in meaning-less combinations adorn all sorts […]

A Turning Point

A bounty of generous resources from our dance community and the San Francisco Bay Area is how I found my way through a return of breast cancer and the death of my mother a few weeks before the mastectomy of my right breast. A list of resources that support healing, and living with cancer, is […]

New Book: Site Dance

Review by Kegan Marling SITE DANCE: Choreographers and the Lure of Alternative Spaces Edited by Melanie Kloetzel and Carolyn Pavlik Site-specific dance has a long and complex history, and I’ve eagerly anticipated someone capturing its glory in writing. While Kloetzel and Pavlik’s book Site Dance misses an opportunity to unravel some of the bigger picture […]

One Website under California with Profiles and Resources for all, May 2008

Starting this May, every dance group in California from the San Francisco Ballet to the local community center hip hop group will have access to a powerful new tool for promotion and advocacy. For months, the California Dance Network (CADN), with funding from the James Irvine Foundation and the California Arts Council, has been working […]

ONSITE: AXIS Dance Company

Occupy A site-specific journey through an urban garden Choreographed by renowned site artist Stephan Koplowitz With an original score by Pamela Z AXIS Dance Company, Dancers’ Group and Yerba Buena Gardens Festival presented Occupy – A site-specific journey through an urban garden, July 1-2, 2017. Occupy was inspired by the history, design and architecture of Yerba Buena […]

A Decade of Difference; Voice of Dance Comes Into Its Own, Mar 2007

An overview of the online hub for dance’s development into an international web destination.

Family in Site

Panching Photo by Jessica Swanson. [ID: Panching, an elder Filipina, is in profile to the camera. She looks out a window of an historic house at Fort Barry with a contemplative look. She has brown skin and salt and pepper hair tied back in a low bun. She wears a navy blue print wrap.] I […]

Lessons from the Past: in Conversation with Lenora Lee

photo by Robbie Sweeny The Gold Rush: 1848-1855. Much attention has been paid to this historical era. And for good reason. It was a time when folks from near and far flocked to California and other West Coast locales in desire, hope and thirst – the desire for a better life, the hope of financial […]

Welcome: Hopes for 2017

What awaits? A simple question that involves speculation, hope, worry and certainly doing much of what is always done—work with what we have, while doing what we love. While I imagine what awaits, it felt vital to ask Dancers’ Group’s staff what their hopes are as they begin a new year. Mine is—throughout 2017, find […]

Dancing Archivists: A Conversation

Hallie Chametzky and Sarah Nguyen are archivist dance-makers who met at the Mark Morris Dance Group Archives, where Sarah was working and Hallie was visiting, in the fall of 2019.