Community Submission

Dancers' Group accepts submissions from anyone with information on news, discounts on classes, workshops and performances, grant deadlines, artistic opportunities, job listings and much more.

Sep 29, 2023
Nina Haft & Company: Volunteers for The Spaces Between

Sep 29, 2023
Emily Morrison: Dancers’ Community Improv Gatherings

Sep 27, 2023
ODC: Pilot Program

Sep 26, 2023
Shawl-Anderson Dance Center: Filipino Folk and Indigenous Inspired Dance

Sep 26, 2023
FIXIN’S MVMT CLTV: The Choreographer Intensive

Sep 25, 2023
SOL VIDA: Tree Bath Meditation

Sep 22, 2023
PUSH Dance Company: Hip Hop Artist in Residency & Training Program (HART)

Sep 20, 2023
Luna Dance Institute: Practitioner Exchange: Restarting & Reimagining

Sep 20, 2023
James “Bear” Graham: Gaga People Classes

Sep 19, 2023
PUSH Dance: Backstage Manager