Winter 2022

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by Bhumi B. Patel

Care. Liberation. Now
by Belinda Ju

Collapsing Time, Unraveling Supremacy: A Letter from the Future
by Sarah Crowell

The Grant You Wish You Could Write
by Miguel Gutierrez

An invocation to integrity for Brother(hood)
by Orlando Zane Hunter Jr & Ricarrdo Valentine

Collective Matters on Dance and Other Body Modifications
Written by members of Dancing Around Race

All the Things We Couldn’t Say in Real Time
by Danielle Galvez, Ting, and Archie Arboleda

An open letter to the lost
by Paul Singh

Making public our private: exhaustion, gossip, and unfinished sentences
by Rebecca Fitton & Veronica Jiao

Collaborative Optimism: score for a –ship
by iris yirei hu

10 in 10
with Lydia Clinton
Javier Stell-Frésquez

In Conversation
with Olivia Eng

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