From Kathakali to Kathak: Eight Indian Classical Genres at the 2014 SF Ethnic Dance Festival 

The weekend of June 14-15, 2014, is shaping up as an unusual opportunity for Bay Area dance lovers: the chance to experience a stellar showcase of Indian classical dance by some of the finest dancers in America. While an evening of wonderful Indian dance is hardly a rare occurrence in the culture-rich Bay Area, this particular confl uence has a […]

Pilot: Start-up Strategies for 2013

This article discusses the Pilot Program, ODC’s long-running incubator for emerging artists, and contextualizes how it functions within the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the larger dance community, with particular attention to drawing contrasts with Europe. This perspective is grounded in the accounts of several artists who recently completed Pilot 61 and had […]

Here’s To Hip Hop: Hip Hop Is Here

From old school movements like the Richmond Robot and Oakland Boogaloo, to Hyphy and Turfing to San Francisco’s ‘new style’ hip-hop choreography, the Bay Area is a hub for hip-hop dance. The scene stays fresh with diversity across communities, keeping this form innovative and accessible. Hip hop has grown up since the 1970s, when the […]

When Salsa Swipes Right on Somatics, There is a Match

Photo by David Poertner What if the digital space could be a reprieve, an alternate reality for postcolonial dance research? Perhaps now, working outside of institutional demands, brown perspectives can be rearticulated. What follows is a conversation between two Latinx dancers and educators. They are recent graduates from the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing […]

In Practice: 40 Years of Abhinaya Dance Company of San José

Joyful movement exhibited through Nritta in Bharatanatyam, photo by Santhosh Selvaraj At one point during our Zoom interview, Mythili Kumar, multi-award-winning Founder, Artistic Director, and matriarchal authority of Abhinaya Dance Company of San José, demonstrated the Bharatanatyam mudra (gesture) for “king.” Fingers bent at diverse angles, and with a slight cock to the wrist, she lifted the gesture above […]

Gaining Perspectives, Changing Perceptions – Article #3: The Illusion of Borders

EDITORS NOTE: In this ongoing series for In Dance Farah Yasmeen Shaikh writes about her experiences as a Pakistani Muslim-American woman Kathak artist and her work teaching and performing in Pakistan. Article #1: How Politics and Power Shaped Dance in Pakistan can be found in the December 2016 issue and Article #2: Our World in […]

An Old Friend in a New Light: Reflections on Collaboration in Bharatanatyam

With roots in temple ritual and salons passed from generation to generation through the hereditary dance and music community of Tamil Nadu, in post-colonial India, the practice began to attract students and performers from various backgrounds around the world as a performing art.

II International online dance festival | DANCE LINE 2021

You are welcome to enjoy one of the most important dance events – the II International dance festival DANCE LINE which will be organized online 16 January 2021. The festival allows to break the barriers between the countries. DANCE LINE is a great opportunity to get in touch with different cultures and get to know […]

Got Space? Launching A New Online Directory of Performing Arts Spaces

HAVE SPACE? NEED SPACE? Starting November 15, the Bay Area Performing Arts Spaces (BAPAS) online resource holds the keys to hundreds of venues throughout the Bay Area. The BAPAS website is a free, comprehensive database allowing artists to search for rehearsal, performance, and multipurpose spaces for dance and theater. The new online directory includes suitable […]

Building a Culture: An International Perspective

Introduction In the wake of the economic recession, dance education is at a critical turning point in California. Despite popular dance entertainment, such as So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, funding for dance education is practically non-existent. From an outsider looking in, this is baffling. Why is dance education still […]