Setting Skywatchers’ “At the Table”: Connection, Empowerment, and Art at the Margins

Melanie DeMore is leading a procession from the Tenderloin to San Francisco City Hall. It’s the last Saturday in October, a little more than a week before Election Day, and a couple dozen people from the neighborhood—the majority associated with something called the Leadership Academy, a grassroots organizing effort instigated by Skywatchers in collaboration with […]

Becoming Stronger than the Struggle

In recent passing conversations with fellow dancers, teachers, choreographers and performers there seems to be an agreement that the Bay Area contemporary dance scene is currently experiencing a transition of sorts. While there is often a vague understanding around what it means for something or someone to be in transition, it seems as of late that a lot of dance […]

SPACES FOR DANCE: A Range of Responses To A Timeless Challenge

WHEN WORDS LIKE “radical,” “unprecedented” and “cornerstone” are brought into a conversation about new spaces for dance, it points to both how dire and how timeless the questions about buildings and artists may be. These words emerged during a multifaceted discussion entitled Re-Imagining Our Cultural Commons: Making Spaces for Dance, that gathered performers, mappers and urban planners in a make-shift building at […]

“Crip Ecstasy” Centers Accessibility in Nightlife

There is a sense of belonging felt deep in my bones that only the dance of a nightclub can bring.

Partnerships Across Borders: An Australian Artist Joins Colleagues in the UK

THIS ARTICLE IS THE SECOND IN A THREE-PART SERIES looking at dance education from an international perspective. The first part, published in January of this year, described how my background and training as a dance artist/teacher in Australia informed my understanding of dance education and set my expectations for the possibilities of the field. This […]

Cut Back and Move Forward: San Francisco International Arts Festival 2009

It’s been a tough few months for the San Francisco International Arts Festival (SFIAF). Always an invaluable contributor to the landscape of Bay Area arts, the SFIAF has presented the likes of Akram Khan, Tere O’Connor and the AKHE Group, along with local mainstays such as Robert Moses’ Kin, AXIS Dance Company, Joe Goode, Circo […]

Thread: Our three weeks with the San Francisco Ballet, Apr 2008

From the moment I walked in the front door off Franklin Street through the final rehearsal and showing, I felt excitement, warmth and support from everyone at the San Francisco Ballet (SFB): dancers, staff, other choreographers, teachers, students, receptionists. As the elevator took me and my Company to the third floor to begin, a curious […]

Crowdsourcing: Is it healthy?

CROWDSOURCING DANCE EMPOWERS the audience to collectively perform the roles of, at times, curator, programmer, and even funder, potentially stoking tension between arts professionals and the public. Defined by business guru Jeff Howe as “the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group […]

In Practice: Dancing Around Race with Gerald Casel

On September 20 of this year, approximately fifty Bay Area dance folks gathered for a Long Table discussion at Humanist Hall in Oakland as part of Hope Mohr Dance’s Bridge Project 2018 Community Engagement Residency, Dancing Around Race. The conversation was the first of three public gatherings organized by the residency’s Lead Artist, Gerald Casel, […]

Who Are We?

An overview of a new series called the Talking Dance Project, which aims to create dialogue around topics affecting Bay Area dance.