Cracked Open: Reflection on Moving the Body-Brain, Moving the Brain-Body – a danced lecture

Prompted by Dominic’s creative matchmaking, Paul and I had a conversation via Zoom that allowed us to speak about our dance-making as a way of engaging with and transforming difficult legacies that are invariably written on and encoded in our bodies.

Bebe Miller’s A History Reveals the Body as Archive

In advance of her company’s West Coast premiere of A History January 25 and 26 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), Bebe Miller made a visit to San Francisco in November, part of Performing Arts Director Marc Bamuthi Joseph’s intent to extend the artist relationship with the local community and presenting institution […]

Anna Halprin’s Art Filled Life on View at YBCA

Anna Halprin parked her white Volvo at the receiving dock of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and unloaded twelve trash bags full of leaves. The task-oriented performance artist, considered the mother of postmodern dance, had a booked agenda a week and a half before the opening of the exhibition chronicling over fifty years of […]

II International online dance festival | DANCE LINE 2021

You are welcome to enjoy one of the most important dance events – the II International dance festival DANCE LINE which will be organized online 16 January 2021. The festival allows to break the barriers between the countries. DANCE LINE is a great opportunity to get in touch with different cultures and get to know […]

Video Tips: Documenting Your Work

1. Communicate with your videographer. Let them know what specific preferences you have. The more they know, the better equipped they are to meet your needs. If there is anything out of the ordinary or unexpected in your performance, like dancers entering the audience, let your videographer know ahead of time so they can plan […]

Review: Side by Side; November 3, 2007, Julia Morgan Center

Anyone walking down the 2600 block of Berkeley’s College Avenue was treated to both a warm evening and a warm scene on the first weekend of November. Outside the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, a lively crowd milled as Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Theatre’s Jose Navarrete and Debby Kajiyama, powdered ghostly white, traipsed through […]

In Conversation with Vanessa Sanchez

Who’s getting funded and who has access to getting funded? And really looking at a lot of my mentors in the Bay Area and beyond who…have changed and shaped communities and done this work for decades and decades and decades, but because of resources and because of language barriers, they aren’t necessarily able to apply and receive the funding they should be. With that, I just felt it really important in that I don’t want to be one of the only ones from the Bay Area – in our kind of world of dancers of color who are coming from dance forms from traditionally Black and brown communities – I don’t want to be one of the only ones getting this. There are so many more people who need and deserve this – this funding.

Did You Know? Highlighting the Activity of Artists/Organizations in Our Region: Little Boxes Theater

Who created Little Boxes Theater? A-K Arts Collective. Also known as Aaron & Kitty. The first dance performance Aaron Simunovich ever saw was the Margaret Wingrove Dance Company at a very small black box theater in San Jose (CA) when he was eight years old. It was beautiful, simple and the live cello remained in […]

Dance Discourse Project #3

Dancers Debate the Body Politic Jessica Robinson spoke with Jo Kreiter, Ledoh, Sara Shelton Mann and Miguel Gutierrez. In this third installment of a lively series of discussions about topics in Bay Area dance, moderator Jessica Robinson, of CounterPULSE, invited Jo Kreiter, Ledoh, Sara Shelton Mann and Miguel Gutierrez to discuss the multiple layers of […]

Did You Know?: Dasha Chernova

In 2017 Bay Area-based and Russian-born Dasha Chernova began Telaboratoria (in Russian, “telo” means body and “laboratoria” means laboratory), a program offering dance and theater improvisation classes and workshops designed to heal and empower LGBTQ+ communities in Russia. In November, Dasha heads back to continue the program, and before leaving they shared more about this […]