The Crisis in Criticism: The Economy, the Internet and the Death of Dance Writing, Jun 2009

If you are reading this, odds are you earn at least part of your living working in the arts, or are a committed member of the dance audience. Let me […]

The Dance Ecosystem: National Conferences & Conversations

IN THE DANCE ECOSYSTEM each individual role is reliant on another, requiring dialog and sharing. Ongoing conversations strengthen the relationships between dance artists, choreographers, administrators, presenters, funders and the press. […]

Mash Up: Capacity Building in a Time of Continual Flux

There are least two levels of capacity building: practical usable tools, like technology and web-based platforms, and foundational skills, like adaptability, transparency, agility, and the ability to make clear decisions. […]

Stories in the Moment: Creating shared spaces of belonging for and with people living with dementia

All screenshots captured by Magda Kaczmarska [ID: Eight images show Magda, a person with short brown hair in a white turtleneck and blue track pants and Bob and Barb, two […]

An Old Friend in a New Light: Reflections on Collaboration in Bharatanatyam

With roots in temple ritual and salons passed from generation to generation through the hereditary dance and music community of Tamil Nadu, in post-colonial India, the practice began to attract students and performers from various backgrounds around the world as a performing art.

When Salsa Swipes Right on Somatics, There is a Match

Photo by David Poertner What if the digital space could be a reprieve, an alternate reality for postcolonial dance research? Perhaps now, working outside of institutional demands, brown perspectives can […]

Performance Forecasting Calendar Discontinued

In light of our online Community Calendar and print calendar showcased in In Dance magazine — Dancers’ Group will no longer provide a “Performance Forecasting Calendar” as a pdf online. […]

Dancing Lessons: How Engaging Dance Audiences Is Educating the Field

How many grants encourage you to come up with your own plan, experiment mid-stream with what works and what doesn’t, and engage in discussions with other grant recipients while in […]

Adaptar en vez de Excluir: una Conversación con Nadia Adame, Directora Artística de AXIS Dance Company

A los 14 años, tuve un accidente automovilístico que me dejó con una lesión en la médula espinal. El médico me dijo: “Ya no puedes hacer esto. Ya no puedes bailar. Debes encontrar otra carrera”.

What’s Your NON-DANCE Job?

Numerous artists have passions in other fields. In the dance community it is not unheard of to have multiple jobs, dance related or not. In Dance posed the question to […]