Dancing Rivers

I had danced my whole life, but it wasn’t until I met my Guruji, Pandit Chitresh Das, in 1992 that I serendipitously found my calling.  


A conversation between ainsley elizabeth tharp and gizeh muñiz vengel, current curators for KHFRESH 2023-2024 and eternal fans of Kathleen Hermesdorf. 

Leaning into the Unexpected: The vulnerability and willingness of anthropology and performance

When I tell people I study performance as an anthropology major at college, many consider the two an odd mix.

Beyond Aesthetics: Bachata, Politics, Praxis

Originating among the (predominantly Black) rural poor in the Dominican Republic in the latter half of the twentieth century, bachata music and the accompanying dance steps were stigmatized by the sociopolitical elite as vulgar, low-class forms of entertainment unsuitable for polite society.

dancing close to home

My mom lives alone, about a thirty minute drive away, in the condo complex where my two sisters and I grew up. There’s a sprawling rosemary bush out front, planted […]

Learning to Dance Or When Lessons on Transformation are Lessons on Belonging

Photo courtesy of Hannah Ayasse. [ID: Four teenage girls sit on top of a wooden fence facing the sunset over Oakland, CA. The sky is full of vibrant yellow, pink, […]

A Love Letter to San Francisco: A Dancer’s Understanding of Home

Photo by Queering Beauty. [ID: Jesse stands in front of a red sequin curtain while wearing a checkered rainbow button up shirt. Jesse’s hands are inside his pockets as he […]

Making public our private: exhaustion, gossip, and unfinished sentences

The first thing you should know about our friendship is that when we are together, we get off-topic immediately. We are excellent at tangents. So, when Bhumi emailed us, we […]

First Things First

Northwest Arkansas and Benton County roller derby leaguers at the Meet the Momentary festival in Bentonville, Arkansas Photo by Erika Chong Shuch First things first: how are you? Amid the […]

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