Alonzo King LINES Ballet presents Constellation

Alonzo King LINES Ballet is pleased to announce it will broadcast Constellation, a collaboration between renowned choreographer Alonzo King, visual electronic artist Jim Campbell, and mezzo-soprano Maya Layhani, bringing the artistry […]

New View

With fresh faces popping up constantly, the local Bay Area dance community is a unique blend of seasoned and new perspectives. In Dance caught the new view from the new […]

Sailing Away: Joanna Haigood Choreographs San Francisco History

Flooded with Gold Rush lucre and teeming with the adventurers who hunted for it, San Francisco in the 1850s was a rootin’-tootin’, quick-shootin’, prostitutin’ Wild West boomtown. Halloween in the […]

The People’s Palace by Joanna Haigood

The People’s Palace is an artistic intervention with City Hall’s Beaux-Arts Roman and Greek iconography. Aerialists and performers will interact with the architecture and large scale projections, transforming these symbols into […]

Stories in the Moment: Creating shared spaces of belonging for and with people living with dementia

All screenshots captured by Magda Kaczmarska [ID: Eight images show Magda, a person with short brown hair in a white turtleneck and blue track pants and Bob and Barb, two […]

An Old Friend in a New Light: Reflections on Collaboration in Bharatanatyam

With roots in temple ritual and salons passed from generation to generation through the hereditary dance and music community of Tamil Nadu, in post-colonial India, the practice began to attract students and performers from various backgrounds around the world as a performing art.

When Salsa Swipes Right on Somatics, There is a Match

Photo by David Poertner What if the digital space could be a reprieve, an alternate reality for postcolonial dance research? Perhaps now, working outside of institutional demands, brown perspectives can […]

Performance Forecasting Calendar Discontinued

In light of our online Community Calendar and print calendar showcased in In Dance magazine — Dancers’ Group will no longer provide a “Performance Forecasting Calendar” as a pdf online. […]

Dancing Lessons: How Engaging Dance Audiences Is Educating the Field

How many grants encourage you to come up with your own plan, experiment mid-stream with what works and what doesn’t, and engage in discussions with other grant recipients while in […]

Mash Up: Capacity Building in a Time of Continual Flux

There are least two levels of capacity building: practical usable tools, like technology and web-based platforms, and foundational skills, like adaptability, transparency, agility, and the ability to make clear decisions. […]