Synchronous Objects: What Else Might Dance Look Like?: An Interview with Professor Norah Zuniga-Shaw

Back in college, while in one of my countless rehearsals I remember thinking, “I wonder what areas of the stage we use the most?” Little did I know that this kernel would materialize in a variety of permutations through a project known today as Synchronous Objects ( Focusing on William Forsythe’s One Flat Thing, reproduced […]

Kinetech Arts and ODC Theater Co-Present: Passage

Kinetech Arts and ODC Theater Co-Present: Passage Saturday, October 23, 2021, 5-9 PM PT; Sunday, October 24, 2021, 2-6 PM PT *Audience members are invited to enter the space every 30 minutes and may remain for up to 1 hour. Every moment of this durational performance will be a unique experience. October 23, 7 PM Digital livestream […]

Mujer, Trabajo, Salud

Dance Mission Theater and La Colectiva de Mujeres  join forces to produce the new short film, Mujer, Trabajo, Salud, a celebration of women domestic workers, using dance, original music, and poetry to uplift voices and make them visible. The film will be presented as an installation piece projected from the windows of  Dance Mission Theater […]

Welcome, May 2013

These days, I’m into watching. A happy voyeur sitting in a darkened room where I view bodies working out choreographic ideas that are complex, nuanced, big, bold–even messy. Ideas that are assuredly full-bodied and fully embodied. My artistic guiders give me cues and symbols, visual and verbal, that are imbedded within their structures, which help […]

Virtual Open House 4.0

We invite you to the next installment of our new Virtual Open House series this fall, a new Annex platform for digital performance; an informal & conversational exchange between participants and artists. Streamed live on! Tune in to watch the Live Stream: Artist Lineup: Anandha Ray (she/her) Andreina Maldoando (she/her) Jeffrey Yip (he/him) […]

Welcome, Oct 2013

STARTING A CREATIVE ENDEAVOR takes courage. Then it takes work. Then it takes finding funding for the project. Then, of course, it takes more work. Then the really fun part happens—an audience gets to watch. Courage, work, money, more work, most likely more money spent and then the performances. All this depending on the courage […]

In Conversation with Melecio Estrella

In Conversation, a series of interviews exploring exchanges about dance and different folks’ relationship to dance. As we examine home and place and what community means, these questions presented themselves. “How is the dance community a home?”, “How does one bring their personal history to this larger ecosystem?”, “How do we sustain the community connections […]

Leading the Dance Field Through Change

During my first few months as the executive director of Dance/USA, I engaged dance leaders from around the country in conversations about the state of the field. What are they experiencing as dance artists and managers? What issues are on the forefront of their daily work? How could Dance/USA help? From dance presenters in Minnesota, […]

San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival 2022

Zaccho Dance Theatre and Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture today announced the biennial San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival (SFAAF), featuring world premiere works by choreographer and Artistic Director of Robert Moses’ KIN, Robert Moses, and choreographer Veronica Blair.    This will be Moses’ first foray into aerial performance art with a new installation […]

Collected Breath

RAWdance presents “Collected Breath”: a Midnight Artist Collaboration with Jim Campbell’s Studio From midnight to 1am, each night for the month of May, RAWdance will be poised 1,070 feet above the city, lighting up Jim Campbell’s Day for Night installation as part of the artist’s studio’s monthly “midnight artist collaboration,” in partnership with Boston Properties, […]