Grants for the Arts, On A Mission

When Theatre Flamenco, Hawaiian dance company Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu, and Beach Blanket Babylon descend on City Hall October 7 for a festive installment of the Rotunda Dance […]

Classic, Contemporary and Controversial: Previewing the Upcoming Bay Area Ballet Season

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to a vibrant and diverse professional ballet scene: inventive choreography, groundbreaking collaborations, committed artistic staff and highly-skilled dancers. Companies here are able to […]

Connecting at the Dancewoods Festival

This article originally appeared in Stance on Dance. As a dancer, my physical reality strongly influences who I am, how I move and think. Knowing this about myself, I make […]

Reflections: What a Difference a Dance Conference Can Make

Flying from Oakland to Chicago to attend the 16th annual conference of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), November 5, 2014, I recalled my maiden voyage to NDEO in 2001. Back […]

Solo Form: Nora Chipaumire

I WAIT IN GREAT ANTICIPATION for Nora Chipaumire’s homecoming… her San Francisco Bay Area premiere of Miriam at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum February 13-15, 2014. To […]

Dance, Protest and Identities: A Book Review

Embodied Politics: Dance, Protest and Identities Stacey Prickett Published by Dance Books, 2013 IN THE LAST DECADES, we have begun to feel a seismic shift in western understanding of the […]

Welcome, Apr 2014

Encountering a creative voice that grasps me, makes for vibrancy. Words, sounds, images, and assuredly, movement crafted in the right manner, seduce me by their singular vision– voice. Their emphatic […]

Welcome, May 2014

Well-placed words of encouragement brighten any day. The timing in which a teacher releases nuggets of wisdom and kindness has the ability to motivate and even alter a person’s life path. […]

Building Digital Parallelity for the Performing Arts: In Conversation with Stephen Backer, Co-Founder & CEO of

 (left to right) Stephen Backer, Lucas Gonze, Jacob Ritvo / Photo Courtesy of Creativity permeates the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Its tech startup culture attracts smart, driven individuals and encourages risk-taking, experimentation […]

Towards a Healthy and Sustainable Dance Ecosystem (excerpts)

THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT of a longer paper and is the result of many consultations and conversations involving Dancers’ Group board members, staff, members, funders and other stakeholders. The authors are indebted […]