Presidio Theatre Relaunch

Photo by Terry Lerant Renovation is a tough, arduous process. Making major changes always is. Setting goals, crafting plans and then finally breaking ground, with the ultimate purpose of building something new. Consider for a moment a structure under renovation. When you walk into such a space, what are your first thoughts and observations? Is […]

Dancers’ Group: Celebrating 30 Years

Space to Make Mistakes 1994–I once locked a homeless man into the Dancers’ Group/Footwork 22nd Street space overnight. Well, it wasn’t just me. It was all three of us POTRZEBIE girls: myself, Lydia Bueschel and Katie Friedman. Somehow, in our last walk-through of the space, at 10pm? 11pm? midnight?, none of us found the guy, […]

Book Review: Like A Bomb Going Off

Some performances you never forget. One took place in January 1995 when the Kirov-trained Nikita Dolgushin brought a small group of dancers from St. Petersburg, Russia to the Palace of Fine Arts in a program of classic and contemporary choreography. It was an event both dispiriting and puzzling. Though beautifully trained, many of these dancers […]

Connecting at the Dancewoods Festival

This article originally appeared in Stance on Dance. As a dancer, my physical reality strongly influences who I am, how I move and think. Knowing this about myself, I make an effort to travel and put myself in new situations – whether a different culture and country, or seeking a rural environment as a contrast […]

A Labyrinth of Cultural Histories: Exploring the Legacies of the 2015 Panama–Pacific International Exposition

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the Panama- Pacific International Exposition (PPIE), which was held in San Francisco on 625 acres of landfill that would later become the Marina District. In our current era of instant communication and unfettered online exchange, the idea of an international exposition seems somewhat quaint, although I was surprised to […]

REYES Dance: Dance Thrill Fest II

Dance Thrill Fest II is the second installment of an annual dance film festival curated by REYES Dance featuring short dance film works from local bay area artists exploring themes of horror, thrill, comedy and everything in between. This year’s festival features works by Natasha Adorlee, Jess Bozzo, Emily Hansel, Stephanie Hewett, Hien Huynh, Kim […]

DAM ( Events: DAMoakland

Performances. Vendors. Music. Food. Drinks. + more! Hosted by RJ KoolRaul & DCisChillin with Sounds by Stankpalmer, Ouiboogie + William Stokes Dance Artists include: Hell on Heels Culture Shock Oakland NRG Crew SAUCE Dance Crew Pressure Crew Gabriel Flores Open to all ages from 4-9pm Open to the 21+ after 9pm for After Party + […]

Healing the Immigrant Body with Performance

Photo by Robbie Sweeny During my 16 years as an undocumented artist, I was deeply disconnected from my body and from society at large. The heavy impact of my status affected my entire existence. I lived in silence, underground, and saw no chance to reclaim my being. I didn’t realize that my physical being was […]

Critical Dialogues

WHAT IF, rather than writing a review, a critic sat down with a choreographer to have a two-way conversation about the work? That’s the experiment behind Critical Dialogues. For this fifth installment, punk singer, choreographer, and dancer Brontez Purnell, who performs with Sophia Wang as the Brontez Purnell Dance Company, met for coffee with critic […]

SPEAK By Jenny McAllister

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had an insatiable hunger for stories. You might even classify it as an addiction. I will ravenously consume any kind of narrative, tearing through it until the bitter end – book, movie, play, TV, cereal box – anything. If it includes one or more of the following […]